Revamped website up and running

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Example of our Project Experience

We are very happy and excited to be able to announce the launch of our brand new website!

After months of planning, preparing content to showcase our project experience. We really want to make sure our site is easy to get around and that it explains what we do so any comments and suggestions are welcome.


The decision to create our new website came from the need to promote our services, to show existing clients and potential new clients what we do and provide updates on everything from new technology to recent projects. After making a decision on the kind of website we wanted and planning the structure we contacted our web designer, Warren O’Donoghue at Rabbitdigital and gave him the go-ahead to start putting everything together.


task uk new website
Final approved design visual

Now that we had a plan for everything it was up to Warren to create the design, look and feel of the website. We worked closely with him during the design process and after the first draft and a revision of the home page layout we were happy to proceed with production of the site.

Our home page welcomes you in to our site and explains instantly what we do with easy access to all the main areas. At the top just below our logo and message is our main menu. We wanted this to be clear and obvious from the start. I’ve visited so many sites that you struggle to find your way around and I didn’t want that for ours.

Following the main menu is a simply slide show with big pictures and snippets of information about our company and services etc. Next up are three boxes that take you through to our main areas of expertise. We have a brief intro about us and our business, latest news and a quick contact form. At the bottom of every page is our contact details, quick links to the main areas of our site and again latest news links which will be visible throughout the site.


We now have a new on-line platform which we intend to use to promote our full envelope and through wall expertise plus much more. Our new site is packed with features and the latest web technology and will gradually expand over time as we add and update it.

Our website in a nutshell :

  • User friendly – our site is easy to navigate thanks to the no-fuss main menu and big buttons.
  • Mobile friendly – works on all devices including mobile, tablet and of course desktop PC’s.
  • News Blog – where we intend to provide updates about what we’re doing, project news, industry developments and much more.
  • Easy contact – we’ve made it as easy to contact us as possible with our address and phone number on every page and quick contact forms on our home page and contact page.
  • Clear & easy – all our pages are easy to read and we have a handy search feature.

Thanks for visiting our new site and taking the time to read this, we’re very excited about our plans for the future and look forward to keeping you up to date with everything going on at Task UK right here!